Why do I need my chimney sweeping?

Chimney Sweeps help in the prevention of chimney fires and reduce the risk of dangerous fume emissions from blocked heating appliances, flue-ways and chimneys - clean chimneys are safer and help your environment by assisting the complete combustion of the fuel, which in turn reduces smoke and emissions.

What will getting my chimney swept achieve?

Eliminate the build up of soot from coal, wood, oil and gas fired appliances and maintain your chimney safely. Clear obstructions such as birds and animal nests, leaves and building debris, even cobwebs. Members provide valuable advice on operating your appliance safely and efficiently and on any remedial work that may be necessary.

Carbon Monoxide

Blocked chimneys can cause deadly fumes to enter the dwellings area, i.e. Carbon Monoxide fumes.


For your own protection, we advise that a carbon monoxide detector should be installed.